T-shirt design

Hey guys… I like to make things that reflect the social and political ideals of today… and i like to make fun of certain fads… well… i made a t-shirt thats a combination of PSA and the lack of PC in the world. Note: this shirt is not meant to be disgusting… it is a lighthearted view on a serious subject.

Its a first run at it… i got to adjust the arms a bit, and adjust the text.

The character looks well designed.

The message is pretty clear too.

A better font would definitely help it.

I don’t know if i wanna do a serif or san-serif font… if its a serif… it kinda looks like a 1950’s Health center PSA… which is cool. if I use a chunky san-serif, then it will be more toonish and more funny…

i’d like to see Mr. Safety in like big bold block letters. as if he were like a superhero or something. maybe give him a cape.

I like it! But I was thinking something like this, with ur permission :slight_smile:

Yeah… I’m still playing around with the text… Just really wanted to get the primary message out for Feedback… but i actually realized his thumbs up is backwards… so i gotta fix that. But i’ll probably block out the font.

here’s a revision… i made the thumbs up the right way and added a cartoon font.

I suggest making his eyes somewhat larger and rotating his hand slightly inward. Right now the thumbs up looks so completely to the side that it looks a bit awkward.

I like the new font… you need something to break up the text a bit. Perhaps making “Mr Safety” larger or making the words in the quotes red or italic or all of the above.

I’m just nitpicking though, I think its good enough as is.

mm dont know, that font its so-so, check out dafont.com, they have lots of comic and cartoon fonts…

i’m happy wit it for now…its hard to go font scrounging on dial-up(poor me:( ) se the final thing at

awesome illustration :smiley:

i like the design… dont use cafe press, they have the right to use any of there customers logos unless copyrighted