Tab index nightmare

i have a movieclip with 4 text boxes (not an array) and i’m trying to set the tab index for each with no success :frowning:

on the movie instance in the main stage i have the following code:

onClipEvent (load) {;;;;

name, tel, mail and comment are the names of the textboxes (they also have variables with different names)

i’m not getting a tab index and the cursor ain’t appearing on the first textbox either - instead, 2 of my textboxes have this writing in them:

any help would be a Godsend

thanks as always

Try this thread…

It discuses tab indexes.

Interesting thread. Could you rate it, Lost?

I just rated that thread a 5 and it showed up.

thanks for the link lostinbeta!

No problem, glad I could help:)