The tab button

when i press tab, it cycles through my mcs. how can i make it go to the next text box down in a mc?

also, how do i make variables so that in another mc they will be picked up? (ie making them global)?

You can set the tab order of objects in a movie with the property

myInstance.tabIndex=value;//where value is a non negative integer 

It can be applied on movie clips, buttons or textfields. The objects are ordered following their tabIndex property, in ascending order.

hmm, not working on input text fields… this is my code:

name.tabIndex = 1;
ad1.tabIndex = 2;
ad2.tabIndex = 3;
ad3.tabIndex = 4;
post.tabIndex = 5;
phone.tabIndex = 6;
fib_quant.tabIndex = 7;
kar_quant.tabIndex = 8;
can_quant.tabIndex = 9;
jar_quant.tabIndex = 10;
bag_quant.tabIndex = 11;

all the instance names are labelled correctly…

Hmm i have the same problem Shrek. Are your within an mc placed on _root or are they just on _root? I belive it is something to do with pathing…not sure but

Can someone help?