Tabbing in flash created code

Hello everyone,

I have an XML driven website template ive been coding for a few months in Flash, no timeline or library involved, its 100% pure Actionscript 3.0 classes.

I wanted to add a shopping cart feature and realised this would be much better/easier coded within Flex, this plus Flex Builder is much better for coding Actionscript, i decided to convert it to a Flex project.

Now, after 5 minutes i had everything working perfectly (so i thought…) by just creating a UIComponent, manualy creating a new instance of my document class, and adding it to the UIComponent in an addedToStage event handler.

Like i said, everything works perfectly… appart from all my carefully coded keyboard navigation has gone!

Pressing the TAB key just bypasses the entire swf and goes back to the browser, if however i add a flex control like a button, the TAB key gives me focus on that control and then when i press TAB it goes back out again as if the rest of the swf is not there.

I’ve searched the forums and google for hours with no luck, any help is very much appreciated…