Taking a break from flash

Hey Kirupians:

I’m usually a flasher however, I just recently got Adobe Photoshop and wanted to create the ol’fashion way (html). I may not be as good with Adobe PS as some of you out there but I would love to hear your thoughts on the layout.

Oh yeah, if you got some Photoshop tips and tricks pass em’ on will ya?

Thanks Kirupians: Atomic Punk

not much but here it is…

If the bandwidth reached it’s limit try this url:

I like your photoshop and flash transition skills! Nice Site(s).

Thanks again Dan…:bandit:

hmmm… it seems your daily bandwidth has been exceeded, I think I’ll try again after midnight :stuck_out_tongue:


I know i’m getting off free servers real soon…try this one


Please don’t mind that ad pop-up…like i said this free server stuff suck. Thanks in advance…