Talking head slideshow problem (buttons)

We are working on setting up a talking head slideshow. Followed exampled on Dev site, and we are almost there. Movie runs slides as it plays.

Problem is, we have set up slides as sequential key frames; We have set up a button timeline as well. When you press the buttons to move between slides, on release mplay(q.time); where q.time is the time in Components Inspector assigned to a cue point, the video goes to the proper time, and the slide goes to the proper slide. However, if the button is pressed and released quickly, the previous slide is reinserted. On pressing the button a second time, the proper slide appears. on release { this.gotoandstop(“5”); (e,g, for slide #5) does not solve the problem.

We sort of solved the problem by coding: on press, m.stop(); on release; (m = this.mainvideo). Then if you press the button and hold for about 1/2 sec, on release everything is OK, and the proper slide is cued; but if you press and release quickly, the previous slide is reinserted on release about 20% of the time. Again, a second press of the same button inserts the proper slide.

After talking with tech support, we inserted gaps between each key frame, but this still did not solve the problem.

Seems that the Flash player can’t load and play the key frame fast enough, although it seems to me that it is reloading the previous frame on release.

Anyone encounter and solve this problem?