Button voodoo needed to control movie

hello again,

i have a copuple of mc’s on the main timeline. each mc consists of a simple tween-in (so it slides into view)

button 1:


on release, mc 1 plays fine. BUT if i then press the button again, the whole flash movie plays from the start as opossed to just mc1)

what’s the easiest way to fix this?

do i need to insert a stop on frame 1 of the mc, and a “start” label, then have my tween start from frame 2 and on reaching the end, snap back to frame 1 where i could show the thing complete?

or is there a better way? (btw: i don’t know if the above will work for sure)


Put a stop(); on frame 1, play() on frame 2, and a stop(); on the last frame…

if the button is only used for that, maybe put in:


just a suggestion…