Target a .exe?

I’m trying to create a CD installer screen using flash projector, and I want a button when clicked to run an external file. I’ve got the buttons, but I can’t get the target to run. I searched through the forums and found some references to using FsCommand(“exec”, “path”:wink: to get it to work, but all the strings I read this on either ended in failure or no solution. I tried toying with it and was unsuccessful as well. Any ideas on how best to do this???

idk how ot fd oit but i know it is possible because pc gamer uses flash player to do their cd just like oyu want it to

wtf does that mean?

Ok PC Gamer Has This COde

fscommand("allowscale", "false");
loadMovieNum("Data/Items.pcg", 1);
fscommand("exec", "JSTART	Software/sysdetect.exe	");

Just in Case That Helps

Nope, No Dice. That fscommand is the same thing I was using.

on(release) {
fscommand(“exec”, “atcliun.exe”);

Any other suggestions??

Duh I figured out why it wasn’t working for me. You need to place all targeted files into a folder called “fscommand”. Diddn’t know that. Now everything works fine.