Target and level?

I have a movie(background.swf). In this movie I have three Movie Clips(loja, back, logo).\rThe INback load the “menu.swf”(level20). This menu.swf has the buttons to control all the page. When I press a button I want to control the background.swf(loja, back or logo) of the menu.swf.\rWhat’s the ActionScript for this? \r\rThank you

you can treat a level just like a target.\rex.\rif you have movies loaded on level 5, 10, and 15 you can control them from level 0 (the first movie loaded).\r_level5.gotoAndPlay(“best_frame_ever”);\r_level10.gotoAndPlay(“no_this_frame_rules”);\r_level15.gotoAndPlay(“level15_rules”);\ryou can also control level 0 from other levels…\r_level0.gotoAndPlay(“i_started_it_all”);\r\r:) \rjeremy\r\rp.s. just remember that it’s always better to use frame labels rather than frame numbers.