Controlling loaded mcs from the original movie

Can anyone tell me how, or if, you can control loaded movie clips from the main movie.

I recieved a reply to an earlier post regarding loading multiple mcs
and leaving the first frame blank so that they are not initially visible, but I am unsure of how I would instruct the clips to go to frame 2 etc…

Someone please tell me there is an easy answer to this, so my middle aged brain can handle it!!!



if you load into a target, simply use the target path:;
if you load into a level use the level number:;


Hi Jeremy, thanks for coming back.


I don’t know action script or any coding whatsoever yet!

Every action I create for my movies is created using the basic actions folder:

Get url, load mc, go to and play…you get my drift:)

This is my problem for the project I am working on:

From the original movie I will need to load approx; 10 mc’s which will act as individual sections of the site, each with their own links to relevant html pages.
In frame 1 of the main movie it will have the action to load the mc’s.
I am taking your advice and loading the mc’s with their 1st frames blank and starting the main part of each clip from frame 2.

In the 2nd frame of the main movie I would like to incorporate a menu with individual buttons.Each of these buttons should load an individual clip from from the 2nd frame.

As you know the last part is where I am stumbling!!!

What action would I attach to the individual buttons to get them to play the relevant clip from frame 2 ???

If the code you sent me is good for the above…could you please tell me how or where to insert the code?

Again sorry to be a pain in the ***
but your help is much appreciated.

Cheers again

it sounds like you are loading all the movies in the beginning, rather than having the buttons load the movies.
if that is TRUE:
each button should have code something like this:

and you would replace the ‘mcTarget1’ with the name of the clip. this is also assuming that you are using targets.

if you are using the buttons to load the movies, you would have something like this:

then you would have a preloader that would tell that clip to go to frame 2 once the movie has loaded…
the button:
the preloader (a 2 frame movie):
frame 1:
no code.
frame 2:
if(_root.mcTarget1.getBytesLoaded() < _root.mcTarget1.getBytesTotal()){
} else {

if you would like you can feel free to send me the file and i will check it out. if you are going to get involved with more complex flash projects i recommend buying colin moock’s book ‘actionscript: the definitive guide’ and some aspirin.
hope that helps!