Target frame in movie that has been loaded

hi all…

is it possiable to target/query a specific frame in a movie that i am loading into an empty MC…?


on (release){
if (loadedMoviePath._currentframe == 10);;

loadedMoviePath - what would the path to the MC in the movie that has been loaded be?


I hope that i have explained my problem correctly… :-\


The code would look something like this.
loadMovieNum(“loadMovie.swf”, target_mc);;

that will work, or if you want to load it into a level just change _root.target_mc to _level1,2 etc. Easier if you load it into a movieclip though.

Hope this helps


you want to leave out the “Num” if you’re loading into a target.

loadMovie(“loadMovie.swf”, target_mc);

I think that you would need to do something tricky with this. If you call the frame too early it wont be loaded, and the player will fail to execute the action.

I would do it like this.

the holder clip that is going to have the swf loaded into it, should have this on the outside.


the buttons should contain something like this.

loadMovieNum(“loadMovie.swf”, myHolderClip);

This way… the data even will be called whenever something FINISHES loading into the target clip. When that happens it will fire the variable name of the frame label. Obviously in this example the loaded swf must have a frame that is labeled, “begin”.

remember that frame labels must be unique.