Target Path relating to Kirupa External .swf Tutorial

From Page 2 of Kirupa’s Flash MX 2004 Tutorial Transitions Between External .swfs, there is a NOTE that states:

[size=2]If your buttons are not located on the main timeline, you will have to change the path to the container movieclip. In this example the buttons are located on the main timeline, therefore ‘container’ targets the container movieclip correctly. Though, if they are not on the main timeline, you must change container to the appropriate path.[/size]

I set up my main timeline the exact same way except my buttons to call in the external .swf’s to the container are actually within a MovieClip (An animated dropdown menu) that sits on the main timeline, so I’m having trouble clicking on those button’s within the movieclip to make them transition out the .swf currently loaded and bring in the new one into the container.

Can anybody give me an example if the Section 1 Button was instead a movieclip that had the actual Button inside of it to call for the loading of section1.swf into the container?