Targeting movie clips

Ok, here’s the deal. I have a MC in a MC, but i want to target the middle MC.\r\rMainStage -> Clock -> clock(art)\r\r\rthere is a button on “clock(art)” i want it to target “Clock” to animate. i know the root function should target the mainstage…how can i target that middle MC?

either _parent or _root.clock should do it.

@#%$ that was fast. ok thanks supra…i wasn’t sure if root was just for targeting main stage or what. thanks.

I’d use the parent method though. In the case of _parent, if you choose to place this clock, the whole thing that is, inside any other movie clip, the _root will not exactly work correctly.\r\rIt’s kind of like going backwards up the string of mc names instead of going to the beginning and then working your way forward.