Targeting nonnative frame labels

In the fla. that I am currently designing, I have encoutered a targeting problem. This is the current atmoshphere:

-Located in the root (scene 1) timeline, I have a MovieClip named menuPanel.
-The menuPanel MovieClip is a graphic consisting of a menu which offers 5 different selections
-The selections are layed out in a vertical format
-When a selection is clicked, the remaing selections drop down, revealing the contents of the selected item in the space between the choosen item and the dropped items
-Also, when a selection is made, the correspoding movie is thus called up (ex. if “contact” is selected, the timeline of menuPanel directs the playhead to a frame (named “contact”) which houses the movie contactMenuDrop) This clip holds the drop down animation and all text for that selection (ie. phone numbers, email, etc.)

This is where I am encountering a problem. When the user has completed reading or viewing their selection, the rollOut action on an transparent button causes the menu to roll back up to it’s original position (This is located in the same MovieClip as the drop down animation. There is a stop action placed after the drop down animation, and upon a rollout action from the selected object, the animation then continues and rolls up). HEREIN LIES THE PROBLEM. When the roll up animation has completed, I would like for the parent clip to then be actuated (menuPanel). Thus bringing the user back to the menu, allowing them to choose another selection. As it currently stands, the animation repeats (rolling up, and then back down again). I have a frame labeled “menu” in the first frame of the menuPanel clip, and this is where I would like it to be directed.

In summation, a movie clip located on level 3, needs to access a frame label on level 2.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.