Targeting root frame label problem?


I know I’m just losing my mind but shouldn’t there be a way to target the current frame label of the main stage after loading a movielclip from the library.

Scenario: I’ve loaded the movie clip to the stage with actionscript and within the movie clip I wish to target the frame label I’m currently on in the main timeline.

I have this line of code: if (currentLabel==“something”){do this}
This references the movieclip frame label if I’m not mistaken, not the main timeline.
Any ideas?

If this isn’t possible is there a way to change a var string in a movie clip loaded from the library based on actionscript on the main timeline. I have a “registration MC” that needs to target different php files. Depending on where you click in the main time line different pathways need to be called out. I guess I could put the whole code on the main timeline but then I need to generate all the objects in the mc with AS (get the right positioning and what not…eh not fun but may be my route)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.