what is your deal?



your point being…?

I have to agree with the rest of them

yeah what they said!

… I didnt look at the link, what does it do?

yeah I’m confused too, do you have a point or are you beginning to wish you hadn’t posted this thread :puzzled:

If your going to post a thread like this with no explanation and waste other members’ time, you should be banned indefinitely. I dont know why you were given a second chance.


OMG you whois-ed a site. GOOD JOB ! Something anybody can do nowadays…

[size=7]OK - I admit it![/size]
You all caught me brown handed. This site IS in fact hosted by mediatemple. I know many of you are shocked at finding about that for the first tme, but the site has been hosted by (mt) for the past year and half or so.

I’m surprised I was able to maintain my secret for so long :upset:

ohhh… that’s why it says MediaTemple at the bottom of all the pages… that makes sense.

p.s. what’s the record for shortest timeframe between bans?

its in a random category…so whats the problem?

anyway…it was late, and i was gonna write about the 2005 expiration date, but i was really sleepy by then and forgot to.

It’s not the most meaningful post, but it’s not a reason to ban this guy, is it?
And why don’t I remember him if everyone keeps talking about his second ban? :frowning:

do a search on his posts… her got off to a rocky start. And I agree there is no reason to ban him because of this post, but it does deserve the question: what is your deal?

Just another desire for some deep attention :sigh:.

And yes kirupa, your secret is out :bad:.

@ El_Thierro & Ryall:

If you read the posts not one mod mentioned being banned for this. Although, I find it odd that someone would post this. If he would have made that whoIS app then I could see why you would post it but even then … eh forget it.

Yeah, I know it’s probably not going to happen and not one mod mentioned it, but other members did, and I was referring to that.