Well here is an old one I made before on my last name I had about a month ago (dan4885). I have one more in the works and it should be completed by the end of today:

Footer #1: 8KB

[swf= height=60 width=300][/swf]

Footer #2: 9KB

[swf= height=60 width=300][/swf]

lol i still love that one!

Uploaded a new one, but after looking at it I just don’t like something about it. :frowning:

I think they are very nice. The actionscript used there should be mind boggling for me (i bet loops, duplicate MC, concatenation…). But it’s too formal for me. I like the effects though!

Yeah, the size is amazing for those cool effects…

I like them both… cool effects, nice!

Awesomness… How about that tute you promised, Dan? :stuck_out_tongue:

dan is my hero :slight_smile:

*Originally posted by ilyaslamasse *
**Awesomness… How about that tute you promised, Dan? :stuck_out_tongue: **
huh, did he promised for a one
even if he didn’t I think we need one

Yeah Dannyboy here said he would write up some tutorials for us tween retarded people to learn how to tween like pros!

::begin chant::
Tutes Tutes Tutes Tutes Tutes
::end chant::

Seriously awesome footers there Dan.

Thanks :blush: :wink:

I might get out a tutorial it gets a high enough demand. . . .

By they way, lost where is your submitions?

very cool fx. nice and clean and smooth. well done. :A+:

first footer is nice, second one, well, a little overly patriotic for my taste.

I like both, I dont think it was too patriotic, but I still like the first one better.

Good stuff, you always seem to have great footers bows down to telekinesis i don’t have that sort of talent. Nice effects


hey! did i hear something about tweening tutes? :wink: awesome stuff there telekinesis…

I never finished that tutorial yet, had graduation last week, but it will be here soon!

Congrats on graduating dan :slight_smile:

Thanks :blush: