Teleportation question

I’m pretty much a science noob(sorry canadian, didn’t mean it) over here, but i’ve always had a question that i haven’t got answer because maybe i don’t know how to explain it that well.

Say you cut yourself up into your total number of atoms, where each atom in your body is an individual piece of data, or whatever. say you could piece yourself back together wherever (assuming there would be servers to hold all that data). How would you still be alive?

I mean, doesn’t a dead body have the same amount of atoms, and same mass as an alive body. Minus the electricity going on in your brain, etc. Its obviously not as simple as putting electricity back into someones body to resurrect them right? So once we get to that point, what is life? Is it an element on its own?

bah i’m sure that sounded ridiculous but i don’t get it still, and can’t really find a solution.