Tell me wat u think

hey i designed a website a while ago for my friend… just asking for a rating from u guys… i made it for an ircd servermy friends tryin to make.

anywayz ratings are appreciated…the info on the website is not completed though… as well do not rate the preloader

opppsss… pressed enter by accident…

website is

What’s your second name? I’m called Patrick D as well. The button on the splash page needs a bigger hit zone. The fonts on the site are a little big. Get some pixel fonts and use at size 10 or even 8. The site has alot going on and fells a little bit crowded sometimes. Also some accents of colour would be nice as well as turning the volume of the music down. Other than that I think its pretty good and I really like the closing door/shutter transitions. A good site.

You should post this in the Showcase & Critiques section, you’ll get more critiques there.

the font- times new roman, its hard to pull off, like gordo said, use pixel fonts!