Tell me what you think?

I want to know what you guys think about a site that I am working on?? Still in progress…

Thanks guys!!!

Looks nice! :thumb:

But your text is too big (buttons) and you might want to use some transitions.

look very good, but yes, the buttons are a little big and the background pattern could be better…but nice job!

Yeah… You are right, I did that site about a year ago and did not know to apply really nice trans, but I do now:) And as far as the text they wanted super big. I also think that it looks crapy. The main prob is the really have no budget. So i just did what I could. Great feedback Wizard!!!


They wanted that gross logo to be in the background. How do you think that I can incorporate in a nicer way? Thanks!! Bring down the alpha more?

looks good. only thing i don’t like is the font in the news section. it’s too small and i think the font is difficult to read anyhow.

Yeah maybe you are right, I will change it for you bwh2:) Cool site by the way!

now that I see it with time, the background its not bad, maybe bring down the alpha more as u said…


Thanks berkoWitZ!

Hey FlashPlaya,

It’s a very nice site. I just want to say that labelling it Know and Us are kind of confusing. I wasn’t sure what Know meant, and I thought that would be the bio part of the site, but it wasn’t. Just the wording, as Us isn’t consistent with the verb style of the menu.

But otherwise, the photos are stylish and their mp3s play fine. Good job.