tellTarget, loadMovie, gotoAndPlay?

OK here’s the thing:
I’m using a gotoAndPlay action to maek a rollover…you can see clearer what i’m talking about here:
You rollover an image to trigger an animation that tells you where that button is going…OK that’s simple i did it that way because it saves time to the user, first i used the loadMovie but there’s a little delay while the little animation loads, which can cost me visitors…so i preloaded everything…The thing is that when you rollover the button the animation appears but if you press that button and rollover other button appears the animation of the button you last rolledover while you’re in another section…:-\ …capisci?..if you visit the site you’ll see clearer…i just want the rollover animations to stop when you enter a section…

if you don’t understand I’m sure you will when you visit the site…

Thanx a lot fot your time and attention!!! =)

P.D. For some strange reason i can’t reply…so thanx to all the ppl that has been replying to my messages :slight_smile: …kirupa please…see what i can do to be able to reply!..:slight_smile:

Are you saying that you want the highlight for a particular section to stay “on” while you’re in that section, even if you roll off of it?

The “post reply” button is located on the right hand side of your browser window, at the top and bottem of each post.

exactly…and if, while in that section, you rollover another button, the animation of that button should appear, but if you don’t press it, the animation of the section you’re on appears again…:-\

do you understand?..'cuz me myself doesn’t :-\

yeah i know…i just noticed why i couldn’t post the replies…it’s that i view the posts from the hotmail window that opens when i receive the email that says someone replied me…it seems that there’s a problem in replying from that window…thanx anyway…:slight_smile:

When you say you want the “animation to remain” are you talking about the “coloring in” effect on the buttons themselves, or are you talking about ALL the animations that come up for the section?

i mean the animation that shows the section you’re going to…for example: “affairs”, “staff”, etc…

Thanx!..and sorry for the delay :slight_smile:

np mangrove.

I’ll see what I can figure out. I’m in the middle of a big paying project (potential payment anyway) so my help here at the forum is going slow.

that’s okay…
lucky you that they’re paying you!..:frowning:
i’m tied to deadlines not being paid!!!..but well…what the heck…that’s what you have to do when you’re starting…:*(

i appreciate it…thanx a lot…

^No problem, Im always glad to help…

…I’m confused, how could you help if that was your first post?

^Wouldn’t you like to know

Do you want to be banned? Thats what I do know!

Shutup Dude, You can’t ban me for that…

I didn’t say I was going to ban you (isn’t that obvious by seeing you can post), I was just saying you were right on track to being banned if you kept up your attitude towards moderators!

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in addition… until you’re a moderator you can’t really say what one can and cannot be banned for (technicaly ONLY kirupa can say for sure). Personaly I doubt that you would be banned for what you said… even up to this point… but for the record… a group, especially on the internet can ban you for any reason whatsoever… even no reason. . . for the record.

Dan was just asking you a simple question. A simple answer would have been more appropriate. You could probebly have given any answer and it would have been satisfactory… but your comment was evasive and inconclusive. We have any number of people who come in here just to disrupt communications so Dan, myself and the other moderators are always keeping an eye out for trolls. This is not a nazi state, but there is control in the way of mods, and it’s good to try to be respectful to those controls as we are just doing our job. (for free I might add.)