Telltargeting does not seem to work for external use

Hi all

I got this slight problem, I have created this movieclip called “start” which as a button on the end frame which will play a frame on the external movieclip which is called “into” here is the AS for the button

on (press) {
tellTarget ("_root.intro") {

When i publish this the fla into a swf it works as it should.

My problem that I am having is that when this swf is loaded into an external swf this telltarget function does not appear to work anymore.

I am assuming that I may have to change the code somewhat so that this feature will work. otherwise I can only guess that there is something wrong with my main swf file (the one where this is beening exported too)

Any hints, tips or suggestions will be apprieciated.


Use relative paths. There have been like 23 billion threads about this :beam:

gracias Ilyas da Pom :smiley: