[tennis] N00b Photoshop tennis match challenge

Open to the first new and/or inexperienced battler, short:

Rounds: Just 3 volleys each (6 total rounds)
**Theme: ** Each piece must have some connection ot the previous (for example the recent “Heaven” was followed by an “Anti-heaven” or something that’s related to Heaven.
Apps: Photoshop
image: jpg exchange
image size: determined on serve
notes: include the round# in each piece, simply for reference and another way to add creativity. I will post the starting image as soon as a challenger is established.

Thanks to DJ Studios and UNFLUX’s thread for the intro/rules type stuff.

So, any takers?

Heh, cool! I got an idea right away, I’m just having problems making the theme work.

Thanks for the compliments guys.

Skiistari: I’m viewing the themes pretty loosely:

unfeeling; contained; reflected; unauthentic


free; unrestrained; authentic; chaotic vivimancy

Anything along those lines would work, or any related direction you want to take it. =)

[font=Arial][size=1]I don’t really know what I’m talking about. I’m a computer guy, not an English major.[/size][/font]

[edit: I updated the quick view page: http://www.paulott.org/images/battle/skiistari01/ ]

Haha, ok, yeah, I was thinking more of the literal words to make a connection… but I’ve got one :smiley:
I’ll have it up tonight (it’s 4:24pm here)

Ok, here’s my Public Service Announcement.
FYI: My friend, Tim, there, is not really holding that martini. It’s photoshopped in… didn’t want to incriminate him (love you Tim!).

The JPG can be found here

And the PSD (if you have enough ram ;)) can be found here

credit goes to my friend Lauren for taking the picture, and www.sxc.hu for giving me keys.

Haha!!! I can tell he’s doing a :thumb: .
Great volley skii!

haha! that is totally sick! good job, I like the cubes the best

Hehe, thanks!
Actually, he’s doing the “pimp shirt collar flick”

I kept chuckling over your picture. Looks great too.

Here’s my last volley:

psd is here:

quick view is up to date too: