Terragen art

thats what I thought too, but since I have the old version I thought maybe he had a add-on or something only available in new version.

geez this takes a long time to render…


man all your work is too good, how do you do it?, i only got it yesterday and will post my work as soon as my design teams site moves to the new server.

btw i got a question with it, there is somethign about plugins - what are these and how do you access them? ]:puzzle:

ot: Sunny are you also know as sunshine from aomh / midas design? cos the person i’m talking about is also from canada i think.

hmm…i should get in on this. looks nifty! =)

something i whipped up tonight after you guys inspired me to start working on it lol.

that’s a rather phallic looking hill on the left there Brad…

something Freudian you want to talk about?



that’s a rather… er… sick mind you have lol

anyway, i tried to make it more realistic, but I couldnt figure it out lol :stuck_out_tongue:


just that you have something building a tent in the middle of a nice image…


hehe, i think i’ll take that as a compliment… lol :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway, i flattened it out and im rendering a new image lol, maybe it will look less… manly… lol

edit: updated