Terragen art

Post your own Terragon art here!

isn’t it called TerraGEN? :slight_smile:

here’s mine, I’m new to terragen (just DL’ed it), so go easy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue:

for those oblivious to terragen, go here: http://www.planetside.co.uk/terragen/

Pure laziness brought this one together, lol

Nothing special,

water looks nice though. :slight_smile:

some of my work: (sry about the big bmp file… I’m too lazy to convert)

Just downloaded the program, and I’m no good at it… lol, but here’s my sad attempt.

yay terragen!

Those are really good, nice job dude.

ikon wow! i will get some of my stuff together asap :smiley:

if you look at my dev account tho, its got a TON of terra work in there (anything that has Terragen::slight_smile: in it

There we go, now I’m starting to get the hang of this thing.

wow , some nice stuff here :thumb:

Ironik!! sup dude, where you been?? nice renders you have there :wink:

yo dude… how’d you get snow on the top o’ those mountains?

Still messing with TG… can’t find any textures or anything ANYwhere…


for some reason a lot of the moutains seem to look washed out to me… is there a way to decrease the effect of the oxygen? (the blue build up)

i have never used teragon, downloaded it yesterday, but i saw an “exposure” setting, maybe it has to do with that AP

Yeah you can do tons to it, the atmospheric settings has stuff where you can change the diffusion of red and lots of other junk, and you can change the color of the sun, the atmosphere, the water, clouds, mountains, etc. So there should definitely be a way to get rid of what you dont like in there

teragon is the bomb…I have a very old version (the new version seems worth dloading). I’ll see if I can dig up some old stuff (doubt it). I usually only use it for like fantasy or dreamscape stuff then tweak it in PS.

Those are some nice samples tho!!

DDD, I really like your site, simple yet effective, minimalistic, yet pleasing :slight_smile:

nice work

yes, how did you get snow?


[still off topic] Mine?? The splash page?? Thanks tho, appreciate the compliment. It is my feeble attempt to keep things fresh while it is under construction [/still off topic]

I know how he did the snow…but I’m not telling. Actually I am not positive but I would like to hear how he did it.

If I remember correctly (and its been a while since I used Terragen…) You can set layers of textures, and tell it at what height the texture begins… so you’d have a bottom layer be like a beach, or sand, or rocks, and then a slightly higher level be some trees/grass with a few rocks poking through, and then higher up, you’d have some denser, darker trees, and then bare rock above that, and then snow on top.
I don’t remember where it’s at exatly, but somewhere where you pick the colors/textures for your land.

Here’s mine: http://www.deviantart.com/view/1692086/
You can see the layer effect a little bit…
Oh, and since no-one else gets it… That’s a House that someone magic-markered into the picture, trying to imagine themselves living on that tropical island…