Testing my flash (with scripting locally) as a projector not a browser test

Ok I have my flash movie running great, i.e from localhost, data is being retrieved from the xml file and been written to it finally.

However the file is not for the web browser it will be a projector file given to the client which will then place this on a network.

How can i here locally test it as a projector file and not in a web browser,

Any ideas?

have you gotten a reply to this else where? on other forums?
I am trying to create a CD-ROM, using my flash file,. and want to burn it to CD, and have it be playable on any system.

looking for answers… looking for the right questions to ask. :slight_smile:

-me :tb:

Yes saving it as a projector file will do this for you. And a bonus for doing this I believe is that the flash plugin is not required. Save as an exe file. :slight_smile:

Go to your publish settings, and from there choose projector file :).

This will perform the tasks you require. And simply burn and of course create an auto run file so automatically the flash will launch, I dont know this from the top of my head but its simple enough to do, just search on the net for a while :).

Hope this helped :slight_smile:



Oh wow! thank you!

So when i Burn the CD, and i find out how to make this autorun file,… do i have to include the swf file on the cd with the projector? or is it all contained in one?
and i noticed the 2 different versions… one for MAC and one for PC. The MAc one was all zipped up… so should the MAC and PC Projectors be burnt on different CDs or is it possible to make on that will work on both platforms?

someof these answers i will probably come across when searching for the autoplay… hmmmmm,…

-me :tb:

Well you dont require the swf files, UNLESS you are loading them externally. If your main swf file contains everything then you shall not need to include the swf :).

But like I said if you are using external files just include the external files and not the main swf file as the projector exe will do that.

In reference to the mac platform, I am unsure in this area of it, as I am a PC user. But I am sure you could add two forms of autorun, as I am sure MAC will not recognise the pc type and the pc will not recognise the mac type, so you can add two versions on the CD.

At run time, you will find that if on a mac - the mac file will launch and vice versa.

Any how I am sure you can test it for yourself and see the results :).

All should work out just fine.

I would love to hear from you if all was a success, which I am sure it will be.

PS - there is also third party software out there that may interest you. This software removes, for example the title bar and any flash notification, its quite cool, but I found that it made my projector run slow, but maybe this was becuase I was using a trial version.

Anyway have fun.

Hear from you soon