Tetris .fla

here’s what i think is the best .fla for tetris that i could find, and believe me i looked for forever. but alas, i still cannot make heads or tails of it. i can’t understand AT ALL what this guy is doing. i’m pretty sure he’s using the call() which is supposed to be a ‘no-no’ but it seems every other tetris .fla does as well, but what makes this one the best is that it’s best labeled, as far as variables and such.

i know your all sick of hearing me whine about this stupid game, but it’s just bugging me all the time. i’m sure you’ve all felt your conscience nagging on you to finish a flash project that you’ve been really trying at but can’t seem to get to work, and you keep thinking “oh i could try this, or maybe that” and so on.

anyway, thank you all for reading and helping, and especially to those who have replied to my previous inquiry and helped so much