Text 90 degrees rotation

I want to take a letter and have it rotate 90 degrees on the horizontal axis. I don’t want it to move up/down or left/right… I just want it to spin 90 degrees on its axis. I’ve tried the vertical and horizontal skew but that seems to move the letter and I just want it to rotate. Could you please tell me how to do it? I’ve turned it into a symbol already.

Much thanks

You asked for 90 degrees and here you go. Look at the .fla file to see how I done it… Hope this help. Or else ask.



I thought you wanted to rotate each letter, so It would read top to bottom. Is that it?

If so, type your static text
go to the properties panel and choose “change direction of text”. Choose vertical, left to right. Rotate the whole thing to get a Marquee effect.

Good luck.

I wish I could find the example I saw. I stink at explaining sometimes. Here’s what I’m trying to do… Picture the letter “L”. In my imaginary Flash file the L would rotate 90 degrees but not left or right… it would rotate inwards… since it’s 2-dimensional it would basically disappear or look like “l” and then fade out.

You’re trying to rotate on the z axis, which does not exist in flash. However, there are ways to fake it (not my thing, but there is a tutorial in here somewhere), or you can use a program like swift3d or plasma for 3d effects.

Try applying this code to your letter movie clip…

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
	this._xscale -= 9;
	if (this._xscale<=0) {
		this._xscale = 0;

Is this what you want?

Absolutely right, Lost. Actually, lots of clever people have developed actionscript-based skewing, all of them based on clever rotation and scaling. But the idea is there.

pom :asian:

I will try that but it might take awhile before I know if it works or not. I imported a swift 3D animation but haven’t figured out how to turn it into a movie clip… yet and the most I’ve done with actionscripting is to put a stop action at the end of my movie. =) I’m learning though. I do love this site…


well… I did say there were clever workarounds. Thanks LostinBeta and Ilyas… definitely not my thing, which is perhaps how I ended up getting swift3d (which I dont particularly like, but will do some of these things).