Text and buttons

Wot kinda code do i need so dat wen i press a button…test wood load into the dynamic text area named scroller???

dis is the code i hav…but it doesnt seem to work

on (release)
loadText = new loadVars();
//creating the loadVarsText function
loadText.onLoad = function() {
scroller.text = this.nokiatext;

iz it rite???

maybe it’s an addressing problem

on (release) {
	loadText = new LoadVars ()
	loadText.load ("nokia.txt")
	loadText.onLoad = function() {
		_root.scroller.text = this.nokiatext

your dynamic text instance name should be ‘scroller’ [size=1][no quotes][/size]
and your text file should look like this:

nokiatext=bla bla bla

tell me if it works :smirk:

Yep…it worked! thanz!

:beam: :beam: :beam: :beam:

glad I could help =)

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