Text animation

you put that together really well! can you post the fla or email it to me? i’d like to see your code and how you set it up with the kerning, etc.\r:) \rjeremy

of course i can. Anything for you Sinf, you’re my hero :lol:


just click the link above and then click the fla link. My free webserver won’t let me off-server link to FLAs

I had originally posted the wrong files, so if you downloaded them before now, then you got the wrong ones. They are pretty much the same, but the new one has more text, and some of the variables are changed.

<embed src=“http://www.angelfire.com/dc/vidgame/tutorials/text_text.swf” height=560 width=550></embed>

nice and clean, just the way i like it. i wouldn’t change a thing in that file!
great work on that one.

thank you. that means a lot to me :slight_smile: