Text Box

I may sound like a total nub, as I am and feel like…

But whenever I try and make a box with my text tool, it does not expand. It simply gets as wide as I’d like, but not taller vertically or diagonally. Even after I’ve made the un-expandable box, I still cannot edit it height wise. Why is this?

Make sure you have Multiline selected in the Properties Panel.

I can’t find it in the properties panel…

EDIT: Hmm, I never did that Multi-line thing, but out of the blue it started working…odd…

Use Dynamic Text… not Static.

*Edit: Okay :smiley: *

Also, I have another question. How do I make a border on a simple object such as a rectangle or a text box?

take the tool to the left of Fill tool (looks like a paint pouring thing) and put the color border of your choice of line color. then just take the tool and press whatever rectangle or circle or wahtever u want to make a border.