Text changing effekt i love it

is ther any one out ther that knows how dey did this text changing effekt i love it i need it pleac can some one help me with this. And if anyone knovs how you make the mouse disaper ant then do a sizing tripp on the site and find its way back to the mouse. I wold lik that to! Tanke for the best forum in the U.

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I don`t know much about text but the mouse effect is quite easy.
create an mc which looks like the mouse, give it a linkage identifier of mc and delete any instances of it from the stage
on the timeline type
function newmouse() {
attachMovie(“mc”, “mc”, 1);
mc._x = _root._xmouse;
mc._y = _root._ymouse;
mc._visible = false;
myInterval = setInterval(mousemoveup, 20);
function mousemoveup() {
mc._visible = true;
mc._y -= 1;
if (counter>100) {
myinterval1 = setinterval(moveDown, 20);
function moveDown() {
mc._y += (_root._ymouse-mc._y)/20;
mc._x += (_root._xmouse-mc._x)/20;
if (Math.abs(mc._y-_root._ymouse)<1) {
myinterval3 = setInterval(newmouse, 2000);

you might be better triggering it on a rollover or something

Can you please keep the lettering proper next time?

“Ther, dey, effekt, pleac, knovs, disaper, wold, lik, to (too).”

That can get really annoying sometimes.

Anyways, I don’t know what text changing effect you mean because all of the text changes in that site.

For the mouse one, when you want it to disappear, you can use mouse.hide; and then make a movieclip that looks like the mouse. Then use the actionscript stringy provided or you can just tween it to where-ever position you need it in, and when you want the real mouse to come back, make the movieclip one disappear by deleting it off the stage or using as, and then use the as code: mouse.show(); on the frame you need it to appear again.

Hey reefster- did you bother to look where nessie is from? I doubt he/she was mispelling words on purpose. I imagine trying to write in an unfamilar language isn’t easy. Be nice.

I wasn’t being mean. I was just being straight up and telling Nessie it’s much easier to read and understand things if the spelling is kept proper.

It doesn’t matter if she’s from sweden or not, the other words are spelt perfectly. If Nessie can spell mouse and sweden and anyone - I’m sure he/she will know that the word there requires 2 e’s.

I am a worthless speller and that´s because i´m dylectic !
and hey bee upfron i like that. An i even like pepel how stand upp for others.

peace duda!:ne:

Lol okay :P!

is the any one fo you duds how know how this is done?

Haw do you make “1:movie pic” 100%*100% and the other “2:movie meny” to not resize on top of the 100%*100% movie.Like this


Well there is probably a lot of ways you can do it but it is probably as simple as having one fla with different layers. The menu box has alpha set to probably about 30% or somewhere around that.

:h: i´m no at this

could you please please please send me a .fla because i have tryd to mak this happen whit help from many people but none hav so far got it right.

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well I made an example for you but it is too large for me to post as an attachment give me your email and I will send it to you

WinZip, as in: Try putting the file in a .zip.

I did that already wizard it’s still too large. I seem to always have a problem with that. One raster image in my fla and it is too large even when I zip it…


lol, awww. :*(

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