Text fields in loaded swf files

I’ve got a basic swf file that i’m using as a template for a portfolio. Whithin that swf file there’s some dynamic text fields that work just fine when the swf is loaded strait up, but when i use the loadMovie method to bring that swf file into my main movie, the text fields don’t even seem to exist. Default text doesn’t show up at all, the only way i can get it to come through is to convert to static text - no good…

Is this a limitation with a loaded swf ? Or is this a bug that i’m running into with my mac ? Any suggestions ???

thanks people

I found the problem, the text fields don’t seem to like the mask that’s overtop the loaded swf. Problem is, I need to mask for scrolling purposes… Anybody familiar with this problem ??

maybe… I know I’ve had problems with masks and text before… but it’s been a while. Keep fiddling with it… there is bound to be a solution to your problem… I’ll think about it in the meanwhile.

figured it out … just have to make sure dynamic fiellds embed the fonts, otherwise wont show through masks.

simple problem/solution that took me days… i feel like a chump !

Dont… like I said, I still run into that problem, and when ever I do, I forget about the embeded fonts. Thanks for reminding me.