Text Introduction Sequence question

here we go again with a possible dumb question…

so after finishing the tutorial i have this neat inscription right, but then i want to import it into a main movie. i thought i could make it into a new MC and export it from one lybrary to the other. but i don’t seem to be allowed to copy all this layers and paste them into a new movie symbol. Is this because there are actions in it, or am i missing everything?

ps: i feel like the Dutch soccer team missing five penalty’s out of seven.

First possibility would be : you create a main main movie, more main than the first one, with an empty movie clip inside, in which you’ll load the intro first, and then your main movie.
But if you want to stick to your plan : you’re screwed. You’ll have to copy layer by layer what’s on your scene (fortunately you can take a whole layer at the time).
This helps ?

Once you have all of them in a movie clip though, you should be able to simply drag that movie clip from the library of one project to the stage of another project, and it should carry all included elements and action script with it.