Text mask

hey guys…

pretty new to flash, so sorry if this is quite basic.

Im trying to basically put a scrolling marquee at the bottom of my page.

I have (one one layer ) a movie symbol of some text scrolling from right to left (tweened in the movie timeline, not the main timeline). Then i have a mask above that layer that is simply a filled rectangle.

When i test the movie i cant see the text scrolling.

Is there something i am doing wrong that is keeping the movie symbol from playing?


If the text you are movie is in a dynamic textbox, that is why.

What you will need to do is embed the font outline. I believe if you click on the textbox and open up the properties menu (CTRL+F3), then there is a button there for “Format”.

Choose to embed the font outline for all characters and it should work.

This does anti-alias your text though :frowning: I don’t know how to fix that problem.


its static text using _sans device font.

any other suggestions?


Ooooo, that is why.

Fonts that begin with _ don’t work

_sans, _typewriter, etc.

You will have to change your font.

For some reason the _fonts don’t work, no clue why.

thanks man…

that was it…


no problem :slight_smile: