Text on a path


I have a small circle, which I would like to follow in the path of a rectangle.

The motion guide tutorial works for a line drawn using a pencil or a brush. However, if I draw a rectangle, the circle does not follow the path. it just goes via the shortest path. I tried “orienting to path” but that did not work either.

please help.


jay chandrasekar.

Hello Jay,
More than likely, the rectangle you drew was not perfectly connected on all corners. Instead, use the Rectangle button itself, and draw the rectangle without a fill (you remove the fill by selecting the fill color and choosing the empty box). Then you simply add a keyframe for each corner you’d like the circle to go on the circle layer.

Once you have done that, you simply tween it. To help you understand it more clearly, I have created a Flash 4 FLA just for you that highlights how I did that. You can download that at the following URL: www.kirupa.com/temp/jay_rectangle.fla

I hope that helps. If you have any further questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to post back.

Kirupa Chinnathambi
[email protected]


Thanks for your reply and the fla. My problem was, I did not set keyframes at each edge. I assumed that since the path was there, it would automatically follow it. doh!

thanks again.

jay c.