Text scroller

ok so i was just playing around with mx and making a text scroller. it was all going well, except i can’t seem to use html in the text file. i selected ‘render text as html’ but there was no difference. do i have to use a html file as opposed to a text file to do this? how can i make the **** thing show html?


loadText = new loadVars();
loadText.onLoad = function() {
faqSection_scroller.html = true;
faqSection_scroller.htmlText = this.faqSectionText;


the actionscript is different in mine. i’ll show you the .fla and .txt files…

basically i want to create my own scroller (like on the .fla) but be able to use html in my .txt file, but the tutorials on here only show how to do it with one of those component scrollers which look pretty cr*p to be honest.


Check my example

Hope it helps

yea he is loading it and scrolling it in a different way