The Text Scroller Tutorial--Problem

I did the “Create A Text Scroller” in Flash MX Advanced and got it to work fine; however, I want to format my text (a .txt file) for HTML. When I click the “Render Text As HTML” button in the Property Inspector and insert the HTML tags, it doesn’t work…maybe this function won’t work with Components??? My variable in the .txt file and the Property Inspector are the same (I think it needs some additinal script) Does anyone have any ideas about how to add the the HTML function to this tutorial? Thanks for any help! macmar

i’m not sure what the script looks liek but i can tell you that all you need to do is this:


if the problem remains post your script and i will do it up

Thanks, Digitalosophy, for the feedback–your solution was correct. I found a tutorial at the following link that addresses the issue, in case you or anyone else is interested:
BTW, I’m using the script offered in the above link, when I test the scene I get an “Output” window every time that says “done loading.” Do you know if this is OK and has no effect on my movie when I publish it or is there some problem??
Thanks again for the help!! macmar
P.S. Nice philosophy :<)