Text to Symbol

When I convert text to a symbol, I can no longer move the item. I also can not access it to add an action. What am I doing wrong?


If your text is set to dynamic text, you can’t tween it without embeding the fonts.

I’m not tryinfg to tween it. I’m trying to make it act as a button action.

Thanks for the responce.


Ok the easiest way to do it would be to create some text, convert it to a button symbol and name it.

Next go into your library and double click on the button you just created.

Now you’ll see a series of frames; up, over, down and hit. Keyframe the hit frame and draw out a rectangle or whatever shape you want your button to be.

Anything placed in the hit frame will be invisible, it only defines the area where the mouse cursor turns into a hand to represent that it’s a link.

Try that and if you’re still having problems then post your FLA so I can take a look.

I did all the above. The puzzling part is when I move it to the stage, I can not position it. It says where I drop it on the stage.