TextFormat() issue

Hi All,

Is there something that I’m missing here? I created a new text field (btnTxt) and it’s just one line of text (a nav link) but for some reason, the height of it is tracing back as 100. I don’t think there is a multi/single line property for TextFormat, so is there some kind of way around this?? Hopefully I’m not the only person who’s run into this issue.

        var format:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
        format.font = "Gill Sans";
        format.color = 0xFFFFFF;
        format.size = 15;

        var btnTxt:TextField = new TextField();
        btnTxt.embedFonts = true;
        btnTxt.antiAliasType = AntiAliasType.ADVANCED;
        btnTxt.defaultTextFormat = format;
        btnTxt.text = txt;
        btnTxt.border = true;
        btnTxt.width = btnTxt.textWidth + 5;
        btnTxt.selectable = false;
        trace(btnTxt.height)  //returns 100
        var btn:MovieClip = new MovieClip();
        btn.mouseChildren = false;
        btn.mouseEnabled = true;
        btn.buttonMode = true;
        btn.useHandCursor = true;
        btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, subnav_clickHandler, false, 0, true);
        btn.name = "sub_link" + *
        btn.data = txt;
        btn.x = tx - btn.width;
        tx = btn.x - 10;