The Advanced Rollover thing

The tutorial is so ^&%(^( hard! I cant manage to do it. Any suggestions?

Read through it very carefully…take a deep breath and then try it again. Its all there, just be patient…what exaclty are you having trouble with.?

Be sure that you give rollover an INSTANCE NAME (in the instance panel). That’s the most common problem.

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See im not really at the “advanced” level so this is why it is taking me a while to figure it out

Hey there,
well you know im not at the advanced stage yet either, but there are other ways to learn how to make advanced buttons. Few things u have to know… this is what i did to make an advanced button.

-Create button + Make a MC (dont convert it into a MC, 2 seperate symbols)

-Animate the MC (i.e the fade in and out effect)

-make sure you give it an instance, i sometime forget that and NOTHING works if you dont have an instance.

did that help?

If really you can’t figure it out, call 911 or mail at [email protected]

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Thats it im calling 911

Send the mail too, just in case :rollin:

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