The all in one applacation thread. what do you use!

Web browser: Mozilla 1.7
E-mail client: Gmail/Outlook Express (gah)
Photo editor/art program: Photoshop 7
Text editor: Notepad/Occasionally Word
Webpage editor: Dreamweaver MX 2004 :love:
Chat client: AIM/sometimes MSN
Archive client: Winzip/WinRAR when it wants to work
Music player: Winamp/Itunes
Video player: Windows Media Player/Quicktime
Forum you use most: Kirupaforum
P2P client: Don’t use one.
Firewall: Unless my router has one, I don’t have one.
Router: Linksys something or other.
Anti-Virus: None.
Computer: Dell Dimmension 4400
Processor: P4 1.7GHz
Interactivity and Animation: Flash which I never use.
Spyware/Adware Protection: Adaware 6.0/Spybot Search and Destroy/Kicking my Computer

Browser: IE6
EMail: Gmail/Outlook Express
Photoshop Editor: PS CS
Text Editor : Word/NotePad

Webpage editor : Notepad
Chat: Yahoo! - AIM
Archiver: WinRar (comes with zip)
Music Client: WinMP
Video Player: WinMP/Quicktime
Forum: KForums
Antivirus: Norton AV 2004
Computer: Dell Dimension 2400
Processor: P4 2.8GHz
OS: XP Pro
Inter/Animation: Flash MX
Spyware/Adware Protection: Adawarwe 6.0

Web browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6
E-mail client: Gmail
Photo editor/art program: Fireworks, Microsoft Image Composer
Text editor: Notepad
Webpage editor: FrontPage 2003
Chat client: AOL IM
Archive client: Winzip
Music player: Windows Media Player 10 Beta
Video player: Windows Media Player 10 Beta, QuickTime
Forum you use most: I’m not allowed to post on forums.
P2P client: N/A
Firewall: Windows XP SP2 RC2 firewall plus Router
Router: Linksys Wireless-G
Anti-Virus: Norton Anti-Virus 2003
Computer: Dell Inspiron 5150 (laptop), Dell Dimension 8200 (desktop)
Processor: P4 3.06 GHz (laptop), P4 2.2 GHz (desktop)
OS: Windows XP SP2 RC2
Interactivity and Animation: Flash MX 2004
SSH client: WinSSH/PuTTY
Spyware/Adware Protection: Adaware