The average web page is the size of Doom!

I know if you’ve all probably already seen this, but it is good to get out there every few moments:


A friend of mine shared this article and reacted with surprise that a site could be so big, then I looked at the size of his site:


It’s so easy these days where frameworks and libraries take dependencies on other frameworks and libraries. Before you know it, you are pulling down down a lot of content that you had no direct hand in creating or calling :stuck_out_tongue:

(The KIRUPA site has some of that going for it as well, and it is on my list to reduce that!)

My site isn’t so bad :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ll need to do a tutorial on tree shaking :wink:

I wonder what consideration in taken a web design​ 101 course these days.

I was never good at web design but took a few basic courses when i was younger (im 34 now :()

At that time so much emphasis was put on size, crunching your images etc. Importance of performance was what i mostly took away from it actually.

Yes, that is a sad face inside parentheses

Edit: the xkcd embed could use some work.

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