Please check our new intro for upcomnig website and give some comments




Wow! Great intro! :!:

I don´t like intros that much, but yours is awesome!

But it´s kinda of heavy, isn´t it?:-\ What is the bytes size of that intro?

Okay I am starting to write while it is loading…this better be goood for taking so long to load…b right back it is done

okay I’m back…That is very very heavy for just a intro…but it is nice…I have broadband and it took forever to load. I started typing and read piece of a msn article before it loaded. Do you really think someone is going to sit thru that?? It was so heavy that it ticked while it was playing. Drawing me closer to the that x in the right hand corner. But I waited to give you a critique.

So here it is very cool effects but extremely heavy. And it is jsut a intro??

size of intro is 520k

[SIZE=7]520 kb ?!?[/SIZE]

That´s way too heavy! :!:

You master Flash, you master Photoshop.

Now try to be creative…

‘your’ intro has been done before by derbauer.de

sense., Just because he got inspired by something doesn’t mean he’s not creative. Just because it was done by derbauer.de, doesn’t mean he can’t make his intro similar to it. There are alot of things you see, especially web site designs that are very similar to another site - that doesn’t mean everyone else that used the inspiration is not creative. That’s what inspiration is, you see something really makes you go WOW and you want to make it just like that. But alot of times, it’s really hard to come up with something totally original - so you try to build a site based on that inspiration… and i understand , alot of times it comes out looking very similar or almost identical. That doesn’t mean you should say such a thing in a mocking way. He just wanted to get some comments on HIS intro… not get it compared to someone else’s…
In my opinion, there are some similarities between the two. but his own intro is creative in an inspired way.


hmm, three nice words. but there’s only a thin line separating the one from the other.

the above intro uses inspiration and creativity but that doesn’t mean it is original.

inspiration+idea+creativity = original

So maybe I misplaced my statement. it should have been…

Now try to be original…

and I had no intention of mocking him in any way.

i know it wasn’t intentional. Most people post their work here for other people to view and comment Like how they can improve it. You just saying “now try to be creative”… and leaving it at that may really affect the designers motivation -because maybe he/she put so much work and creativity into the project. yet the only comment they get is that they’re not creative.

Don’t get it the wrong way, i’m not trying to get all up on your *** or anything for saying that. Just speaking out my views and opinons.


520kb is a bit to much :slight_smile:
i have 512kb/s dsl and it took about a minute or two to load.
nice intro, but i`d like to see your website :slight_smile:

well if you check other intros ( good intros in my opinion )on net,
is their size from 500-1000k.
http://www.ultrashock.com - intro 900kb++
http://www.widegroup.net - about 1mb

btw thanks for all posts
website is coming at the end of the month

Wide Groups site kicks so much BOOTY!!! :beam:

parden my french :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: sorry changed the word :beam:

nice intro and not too similar to the bauer´s one… I really like it … keep on that good work an be inspired of what ever u see…

I find myself in the hard situation to know what content to transport via a flash site but not being so crative to do it… technique is not the problem. Design is it… to be orginial unique and good is almost impossible to do…

that´s it…
give us more if the page is up

For that file size, I was expecting a bit more, but I guess it’s ok…I feel sorry for 56k users, they’re going to be dissappointed. :-\

I hope the rest of the site isn’t going to be that huge, try to manage your file size a bit better. You don’t need a lot of extremely complex effects to create great stuff.

Besides the file size, I think you’re really good with transitions and effects. =)

im on cable and i had no wait whatsoever. as far as the intro, seemed kinda plain but still pretty cool.