The basics: button stuff

still struggling as a newbie here.

I’ve now gotten it into my head how to do loadMovie and putting a different movie into my document.

But what if it’s a movieclip?

specifically… I want to click a button one place and have a movieclip play in a different location. I think this is an “event”, and I’ve put in my onRelease script and the instance name of the button… I can’t seem to come up with the ?function? that will tell it to go play a movie clip… help please :slight_smile:

I think you are referring to the new age tellTarget. That looks something like this…

on (release){

an instance of your movie clip has to be present on the stage to use that. You can create the movie clip and have the first frame be blank with a stop(); action, that way it isn’t visible on the stage. Then when you press your button it can _root.yourMC.gotoAndPlay(2) and this will play the second frame which will start the animation.

Or are you talking about the attachMovie function? This is where you can pull a movie from the library, this does increase CPU usage on the viewers computer though. If you are talking about attachMovie let me know and I will see if I can explain.

Hello again. What you need to do is load the external movie into a movie clip. For example, you normally load a movie like:

[COLOR=blue]on (release) {
loadMovieNum (“whatever”, “level”)

What you need to do, is create an empty movie clip. Edit the movie clip and draw a rectangle the same dimensions as the external movie you wish to load.

Move the movie clip to where you want the external movie to load (the rectangle is there to help you know where the movie will appear).

If your movie clip (the one that contains the rectangle) is called “holder” use the following actions:

[COLOR=blue]on (release) {
loadMovie (“whatever.swf”, “/holder”)

This should load the movie called whatever.swf in the movie clip “holder” - which should be wherever you’ve placed “holder” on the stage.

To unload the movie use [COLOR=blue]unloadMovie ("/holder")[/COLOR]. This will unload what is in the movie clip “holder”.

Hmm, between the 2 of us I think we offered 4 different answers, I wonder which one linque wanted…haha.

Hmm, I didn’t even know what you posted, when I was replying, and making my code look pretty, no one had replied, then when I submitted my post - I saw your post. I think she’s talking about positioning the movie clips in different positions…

I <I>thought</I> she was talking about making a movieclip play without loading it. Haha, wow, how confusing.

Sorry about cutting in front of you on the post, I hate when that happens to me.

I guess we will have to await linques reply to find out what was meant.

Stay tuned till the next episode of “What did linque really mean…”

that’s what happens when you go to a concert! Look at all these terrific responses. Thanks… (and sorry for the delays)

What I meant to ask is how to load a movieCLIP… as opposed to an entire .swf… but I got more info than just that…so I can use it all.

You are terrific and I’m very appreciative for the help. I’ll let ya know how it goes tomorrow morning.


The way i phrased my question …yes I was asking to play it without loading it, but it’s useful to know the other way. and most useful to know that there’s a difference in cpu usage.

i really like learning all this. some miniscule pieces are starting to fall into place in my brain… at least i can follow your answers. thanks Flex and Lostinbeta…

No problem linque.

If you want to know how to use attachMovie just ask and I will see what I can do:)