The best game of 2003

Wat is the best game of 2003 ?

I think is is Call of Duty. I just love to take the Stalingrad misson.
But tell me the best game of 2003.

most people weren’t satisfied with it but it kept me entertained for a couple of months.

Grand Theft auto: vice city


gta : vc was a good game.
i like to play a MMOG but i am 16 and got no cash to play one

I have the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies and its an awesome game! I would totally say thats the game of the year since it always has great diversity in things to do

I really liked Call of Duty. There were other candidates though that I really liked; like Knights of the Old Republic, Prince of Persia, Rathcet and Clank 2, XIII (maybe), and some others. I really can’t decide.