Picked up GTAIII for Windows systems

and boy am I having fun running over people and crashing cars.

does that make me bad? :slight_smile:

My friend had that for Playstation 2 and I loved playing it. I actually got out of the car to beat people up. It was great!!!

Games don’t promote violence :evil:

Actually, I find it very funny when parents complain about games like GTAIII and how violent they are when the rating on the package clearly says it isn’t for kids…sheesh, it is their fault for buying it!

[SIZE=1]one of the best games ever.

I love that if your health is low, you can pick up a hooker and park
in an alley, wait a few seconds, and then watch the car rock back
and forth as your health increases! [ahem, i think you know what
i mean]. Your health can actually get to 120 instead of 100 this

You lose $$ this way, but once your done, get out and beat the
crap out of her and take the $ back! haha - too funny.


HAHAHAHA… I never tried that as I have only played it once or twice and just drove around and beat people up.

That sounds very hilarious though.

“Oh, but it put such bad images in our youths head”…yeah…well they shouldn’t be playing it!!!

sweet… thanks for that tip. I could use 120 health.

I think I’ll try that too… I have GTA3 for ps2 too…

And GT3-A-spec. GT3-concept, Grandia 2, Jak & Daxter, Silent Hill 2, Tekken Tag, ZOE, FFX, WRC, BR3 and WipEout Fusion!!

I can’t wait for GTA VICE CITY to come out! The end of this month! Its a whole new game w/ bigger levels and bigger missions…ahhhh I don’t want to wait!!! Its funny that David picked up GTA 3 two weeks before the new game comes out…A little behind the times David? lol j/k :stuck_out_tongue:

Isn’t Vice City just one new city?

yes, it’s one big world in that you don’t need to wait for bridges to be fixed or anything of that ****. you can go anywhere in vice city, nothing’s closed off.

as for GTA3, had it for months and still love it.my personal favorite in the game is to get on top of a car (with someone driving it) and shoot it’s hood once so it starts moving. then i take out whatever desired weapon and start reaking havoc. problem is, when they’re escaping, their driving is absolutely wreckless, so most likely you’ll be thrown off.

Haha! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve had GTA3 for 5 months now… :slight_smile:

I mostly enjoy driving around looking for ramps and such, for some Insane Stunt bonuses! :beam:

Now THAT’s fun!

Also, in ZOE, going after EVERY group of villain robots, beating the living snot outta them!! REALLY funny!!

I have had GTA3 seince the first day it came out. I have seen and done everything it has to offer and it is still the only game I play any more. My friends and I have different contests when we play (best jump, most kills, best rampage, etc). There are tons of cool glitches and things that let you do some crazy stuff like do Taxi cab missons in any vehical, that sort of thing.

Vice city is going to be sweet. Yes it is only one city section but it is twice as big as all the other islands in GTA3 combined. You can drive 4 types of bikes and a helicopter this time. It is also set in the 80’s so you get all the classic cars and clothes. I realy can’t wait for it to come out. It will be the best game ever!

I’m with Beta that games like this don’t promot violence. If I can get my aggresion out on a video game then I’m more relaxed in real life.


And parents who buy this sort of game for their underage kids and complain should get a good solid kick in the ass…


I research my games before I buy them… I don’t just buy ANYthing…

I guess theres like 40 weapons, close to 100 vehicles…I have a magazine with a HUGE article on Vice City, when I find it I can get the specs… You can shoot people off the bikes, or you can run up and give them a big kick to the face to get them off the bike instead…whichever you prefer… Vice City is going to be UNBELIEVEABLE! Can’t wait… The main character is no longer a no-name-face… he has a story behind him, and his voice belongs to Ray Liota. The city is supposed to be massive…ohhhh just thinking about it makes me want to camp out in front of my local EB and wait for its arrival! :beam:

As for GTA3 I have had it for a while. There is nothing funnier than when you beat the final mission deleted b/c it’s a spoiler My roommate and I were laughing forever! I still haven’t found all the secret packages, or done the fire or ambulence missions. Too lazy…I’m too busy killing people or just getting the cops after me and driving around. I always wanted to be in a high speed chase, and for now this is the closest I can get.

Another game that looks to be really good is Hitman 2. I have the demo, and its pretty crazy…can’t wait to see what the final thing will be like.



3 hours of audio
less than 20 songs
50 vehicles
25 weapons

GTA Vice City:

10 hours of audio
more than 80 songs (real songs too, not GTA songs)
over 40 weapons!
120 vehicles! (including bikes, helicopters, and a plane that actually flys…not that crap dodo)

Music by bands: Cutting Crew, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Blondie Grandmaster Flash and more…

You can shoot out car tires to slow them down…

Its insane how much they put into this game. Longer Cut scenes to add more of a realistic personal element to the game. Creates a sense of a story.

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*Originally posted by sintax321 *
It is also set in the 80’s so you get all the classic cars and clothes

the 80’s didn’t create any classic cars… at least they are not classics yet.

Some of the piece of crap car designs they came out with in the 80’s are classic to me. Has anybody seen a list of the types of cars mabye a DeLorean that would be sweet and Ray Liota as the main voice. I DON’T THINK I CAN WAIT TILL THE END OF THE MONTH. The shooting out the tires thing is awsome. Does anybody know if they added a bail out button. Thats the one thing I hated about GTA3. You had to wait for your car to come to a compleate stop before you could get out. IF the cops are chasing me and my car lites on fire I’m jumping out for sure.

That would be sweet sintax!! Reckless drivers (like myself), would use it for some good ol’ fun in the air! :stuck_out_tongue:

Imagine jumping off a rooftop from a ramp at high speed, and then bail out in the midst of it all!! HAhaaa! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats exactly what I want it for. Or get a whole bunch of cops chasing you then aim for some water then at the last second bail out and watch the cops drive right into the drink. I was looking and Rockstars web site at shots from the game and I just can’t wait to play it!!!:slight_smile: =) :stuck_out_tongue:

I just found this list on the the net. It has all the new features added to Vice City. I just got done reading it and I think I might have a heart attack if I dont’t play this game soon. And guess what there is a BAIL OUT button this time. Hurray:) =) :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is the list


I can’t wait a full month for this??!!!