The Butterfly Effect

I went and saw this flick on Friday.

It was seriously one of the best movies I have ever seen!

Anyone else see it?

The Butterfly Effect:
[size=4]Out on DVD today.[/size]

already got mine :wink:

The movie is fantastic.

Personally i hate Ashton Kutcher for his stupid roles, but in this movie he was great.

TBE is one of the best movies i have ever seen (no kidding).
Also i saw the director’s cut, which is supposedly to have the better ending.

You should really check it out if you haven’t, it’s great :wink:

I have just rented this movie, and seriously, there is no other words to express the awsome-ness of this flick… I love’d this movie inpartically becuase it’s not like any of those run a kill movies, it required you to think and guess.

I totally agree with Chirre, Asthon was amazing, and me being 15 years old, this movie couldn’t of been better… Man I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight

Funny this thread is here! I JUST watched it! We rented it today. It’s pretty disturbing.

Haha! I just rented it too!

i just watched it with my lady friend. it is actually a pretty cool movie. kutcher finally broke the same role he is so known for. ( a retard )

// also rented secret window with johnny depp. that movie is completely awesome. depp, of course, steals the show. you should rent it if you haven’t.

Hey! Earlier this week I also rented Secret Window. Didn’t mch care for it, though…

Yes this thread reminded me that the movie came out on DVD so I went and rented it.

I refused to watch it in the theater because it looked stupid. I was pleasantly suprised. While I don’t think Asthon is oscar worthy in it, he at least let’s me forget how goofy he is to enjoy the good story.

Saw the movie on, sat?, it was good, almost good enough to buy I think… I don’t know, something about it, just wasn’t ‘great’, but still good, IMO. I liked that it was fairly dark, and pretty interesting. One thing I really enjoyed was when Ashton was the frat guy… haha it was so funny, and I was happy to see it. I jsut didn’t find it as much of a trip as Fight Club or Memento…

although the plot is a bit, well, jumbled at times, i think its saved by some excellent acting by depp and turturro.

The butterfly flapping it’s wings causing a tornado is not why the movie is called the butterfly effect. If you read the short story “sound of thunder” the movie idea sounds like an adaptation.

I like the role of Kutcher and though it was a great movie. Let me know if the link works.

The DVD has the theatrical and directors cut… Im not sure if I like the directors cut any better. I think the alternate ending it has maybe fits the mood of the movie better, but I just liked the other one better. Eh, still hella cool

The movie was VERY frusterating. Lots of times he could’ve done something much better and the outcome would have been perfect. For example, when they went to save the lady and her baby from the mailbox, WHY WAS HE STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO THE MAILBOX? I found the whole movie like this

i cryed when i saw the ending. that must of been a really brave thing to do. it makes me wanna cry now thinking about how he could just tell her that. lol:P

because he just blasted himself back in time and was a little discombobulated :crazy:

yeah, i was like hey dude, move? and he just stood there screaming dont come near the mailbox? yeah, okay … brilliant.

I rented the DVD but only watched the directors cut… what was different?


mainly the ending (a few minor scenes were added too). In the directors cut, kutcher goes back to his birth and kills himself. In the theatrical release, he goes back to where he first meets amy smart’s character and tells her something awful like “keep away from me or I will kill you and your parents in your sleep” where she then runs away screeming to… never see him again and therefore stay with her mother instead of her father preventing any of the stuff that happened… from happening. Then you kind of jump into the future… err “present day”, with kutcher and him in his now normal “grown up” life and he ends up walking down the street in the city and smart is walking in the opposite direction. They pass and both pause and look back at each other but never making eye contact as if they recognize each other, though they really shouldnt because after that last flashback (when they first met) they never really met again. They both keep walking on from there and the movie just ends.

Ah I think the killing himself is a better ending.