The "correct blurry text" tutorial

Thanks for the tip on correcting blurry text in a Flash environment. I was wondering if by converting the text to Dynamic if it causes text (that are symbols) to lose its alpha (transparency) characteristics. I have a sentence which is set to zero (alpha) and it only becomes visible at the end of the movie. I’ve found that converting it to Dynamic text caused the sentence to be visible through the entire composition.
I’ve checked the timeline and all of the instances are still the same (the alpha is set to zero in the correct frames), but it doesn’t seem to work while viewing the movie in the Flash Player. Would anyone have any ideas concerning this? Thank you.

Dynamic text do not have alpha properties…you can tween them by placing them in a MC but you cannot assign or change the alpha properties.

There is a way around it,…what you do is create a movie clip that has the same color as your background and the same size of your dynamic text and apply alpha to it, make the movie clip fade in/out and it looks like the text is actually fading in/out (make sure tho that you have the MC layer on top of the dynamic text layer).

I hope this helps

I’ll try it out. Thanks very much for your help!

you can put it in a movie and set the movie’s _visible to 0. but like you discovered, all references to _alpha don’t affect the dynamic text.