The Deepest Photo Ever Taken

exposed for 3.5 days!

this is wicked, crazy and cool! :beam:

caution - the link is kinda slow


getting very ssssllllllleeeeeeeppppyyyy…


ok, its been loading for about 15 minutes now, and I’m on cable. If this isn’t the most amazing thing ever, i’m gonna do something drastic. Like click the X on the window.


you guys dont know what you missed =)
Its an awesome artical!!!

THat is one of the most interesting thing ive read this year =) i love space and the stars and its so awesome how big the universe is! and whats really cool is you can see like 5 galaxies in one shot =) extraordinary… =)

O man !

I When I see these Pictures I think of -There must be someOne Out there we are not allown in this Blue sexy planet !

Is there Other “Aliens” in there what do you think ?

the videos

and for those interested, a satelite tracker…
loads java viewer

wow. Gotta love space.

that’s really owesome

the outer space is really fantastic, thanks for sharing :wink:

slow??? It’s like any other web page! 1 second… 2 seconds… 3 seconds… voila! ??? :expressionless:

took 2 sec’s here :slight_smile:

very nice =)

omg. I really did spend 15 minutes loading it last night, and it still never got finished since i alt f4ed it. Today, 2 seconds. That ticks me off :frowning:

That very nice :slight_smile: But I thought that the “deepest” telescope was the VLT?!? Darn Americans, you always beat us :stuck_out_tongue: